Making sure your events are memorable for the right reasons.

There are many milestones in life that we celebrate — from birthdays to bar mitzvahs to weddings, christenings, holiday gatherings, and retirement send-offs. In addition, throughout the year, businesses and individuals hold countless fairs, galas, and fundraisers to support charities and foundations throughout our communities.

With these special events come certain associated risks. For example, you may take on the responsibility for the items you rent or borrow, depending on the agreement you have with the owner. Or, you can be held liable for damage to the facility you’re using. You can also face liability claims with regard to your patrons’ overuse of alcohol or injuries they sustain at your affair.

Special events require specialized insurance.

At Martin Insurance Group, we help clients plan for, avoid, and insure these risks. We offer special events insurance designed to protect hosts from expensive injurious incidents related to gatherings you hold, along with risk management services to help avoid accidents in the first place. Special event insurance provides coverage for many aspects of your affair. It can cover rental property and personal property as well as liability that the host bears for injuries to others or damage to their property. Liquor liability is important, as is valet parking if you are offering that service. For those who invest a lot in an event, loss of venue coverage could be very appealing.

If the special event is a wedding, we can provide wedding insurance that has extensive coverage for all the particulars, including exposures involving failure of vendors, loss of venue, loss or theft of gifts, cancellations, and postponement, among others.

We even offer “hole-in-one insurance” which will pay out if someone wins the big prize in a contest, such as a golfer’s hole in one or a long-shot basketball competition.

Call now to speak with a representative about special events insurance. With clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, including companies and organizations in Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties, as well as Bucks County, PA, Martin has the experience and expertise to protect you and your business. We invite you to find out more about the difference we can make in insuring what’s important to you. Please click here for a quote or give us a call at 800.353.5000.

Q. Why do I need special events insurance?

A. If you own or are thinking about starting a business, having insurance coverage should be one of your top priorities — right after incorporation and a business plan.

Without dedicated business coverage like special events insurance, everything you put into a business could easily be wiped out with one accident, law suit, or other unplanned hardship. The Martin Insurance Group can help you assess your needs and get the right business insurance for your organization. Whether it’s as simple as a BOP (Business Owners Policy), or specialized industry coverage like bakery insurance or even cyber liability coverage, we can help.

Q. Why should I buy special events insurance from you?

A. Martin Insurance Group works with hundreds of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut businesses of all sizes, in a diverse range of industries. Chances are, we have helped insure businesses similar to yours before ...READ MORE, so we know the ins and outs of your industry. What’s more, we have been selling insurance since 1983, and are a stable company you can trust.

Here are some additional reasons customers trust us for their commercial insurance needs:

We could save you money.
As an independent insurance agent, Martin isn’t tied down to one solution. We can compare policies and pricing on coverage such as general liability, workers compensation, and business umbrella insurance from a variety of providers and help you choose the one that’s right for your business’ unique needs.

We might even recommend one business insurance provider for part of your coverage and another for other coverage – whatever makes the most sense.

We stay on top of the paperwork.
With all that you have going on, it’s easy to forget to file or renew coverage. So Martin has developed quality control systems that ensure your commercial insurance records are current. We’ll even help you through the auditing process. No more scrambling to meet dates or find certificates – your Martin team will make sure you are on the ball and in compliance.

Q. I already have special events insurance. How do I know if it’s the right type or amount?

A. If you already have some form of special events insurance, but are not sure if it is the right type or amount of coverage, schedule a no-obligation review of your existing policies.

Our experienced team is generally able to identify gaps in coverage or opportunities to save money. Contact Martin today to schedule a complimentary review.

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