driver safety programs

Because the best accident is one that never happens.

If your company uses a fleet of vehicles, you already know the importance of getting comprehensive insurance. In addition to having the right insurance coverage and limits in place you want to do the best you can to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. This begins with driver safety.

Safety first. And second, and third, and so on…

Martin Insurance Group can help you not only secure the commercial auto insurance you need, but we can also assist you with your driver and fleet safety program.

We’ll first go through your safety records and compare them to your operations, rules, and drivers. If we find that your protocols are not generating satisfactory safety ratings, we can help you with recommendations for a loss-control program that should improve safety and decrease claims. We can also provide tools to facilitate driver safety, including safer driving practices that highlight at-risk driving events.

Your driver and fleet safety program can be set up to include:

  • Management’s Policy (goal of program, management’s commitment)
  • Management and Supervisory Accountability
  • Driver Selection
  • Driver Training
  • Driver Supervision
  • Accident Reporting and Review
  • Recordkeeping
  • Corrective Action
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
  • Resource Materials, Employee Meetings and Other Methods of Communicating the Program

In our experience, a review of your driver and safety program should be performed at least annually so that accidents and injuries can be prevented. Such a program could eliminate at-risk driving, prevent accidents and provide savings on medical bills, vehicle downtime, and damaged product and materials.

Since 1983, Martin Insurance Group has been providing insurance and consulting on drivers safety programs for businesses throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, including companies and organizations throughout Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties, as well as Bucks County, PA. We would like to extend our experience, expertise, and professional service to you and your company, too. Call 800.353.5000 now to speak with a representative about an audit of your insurance risks and coverage.

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